Tax Planning And Compliance

We offer worry-free tax support services without suffering from bureaucratic redtape. We have the expertise to fix all your tax issues no matter how complex they are, we achieved this without indulging in Tax Evasion but rather taping the loopholes in the tax laws.
Service Objective

To help our clients to succeed by ensuring compliance with the various tax laws in the country. Our partners are back up with highly qualified men who have worked in various tax departments in the past. Queries are attended to promptly and speedily and they advise clients on matters relating to capital gains, personal taxes particularly for directors and partnerships, and the processing of tax clearance certificates, which have become sine-qua-non for most business relationships with the government.

We have a good track record in the area of procuring Acceptance Certificate(s) on qualified capital expenditure for the purpose of capital allowance from the Federal Ministry of Trade and Industries to the delight of our esteemed clients.

Regularly, we issue to clients, taxation News Letter explaining changes in law and practice to keep them informed and at arm’s length with the law.

We also guide our client in complying with the relevant provisions of the tax laws, as it affects their businesses. Our range of Tax Support Services covers the following taxes, tax benefits and tax responsibilities.

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