Financial Advisory Practice

Our service model is similar to the concept of SWOT Matrix. That is, we basically render our Financial Advisory service by providing assistance to client in exploiting available Strength in order to tap new business Opportunities and also assist in turning around identified Weaknesses in order to avert avoidable business T hre (critical challenges).

Our expertise is anchored on our extensive business knowledge and compliance know-how. We focus on strategic, operational, financial and capital needs of businesses. We address the full spectrum of financial and transactional challenges faced by companies, boards, private equity sponsors, creditor and other stakeholders.

We provide support to companies or investors faced with STRENGHT AND OPPORTUNITIES and consequently seeking:
  • Feasibility Study Report for Start Up Projects.
  • Business Plan for Expansion Projects.20
  • Merger or Acquisition Advice.
  • Research and Studies (Viz-A-Viz Market Survey).
  • Business Valuation for Purpose of Buy-Sell Agreements and Other Business and Legal Purposes.
  • To Buy or Sell A Businesses.
  • To Raise New Finance or Improve the Efficiency of The Funding on Their Balance Sheets.
  • To Execute Deals and Maintaining Regulatory Compliance.
  • Reporting Accountant Services for Companies Seeking to Raise Fund at The Capital Market.
  • Scrutineers to Observe Election Process of Shareholders During Key Business Decisions Made by Votes.
We assist client to address WEAKNESSES AND THREAT, particularly on how to handle:
  • Fund Raising for Operating Cashflow And Projects Fraud, Litigation and Reorganisation
  • Receivership and Temporary Management Liquidation and Bankruptcy Process
  • Business Process Design and Operational Manual
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Shareholders and Partnership Agreements
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