It’s no longer news that Lagos State Government has introduced two technology driven cameras till date. Vehicle owners are advised to regularly visit the two platforms to check for any possible Traffic Offense Billing for onward PAYMENT or CONTEST.

The two technology driven platforms are:

(1) Mobile Body Cameras (Traffic Management System TMS) – Operated by LASTMA
You can either use your Vehicle plate number, Violation number or Ticket number to search for any pending traffic offense bill

(2) Fixed Traffic Camera (PayVis ) – Operated by VIO
You can either use your Vehicle plate number or Bill number to search for any pending traffic offense bill

(1) Traffic Management Solutions (TMS)

Traffic Management Solutions Devices was deployed in May 2023 to enable evidence-based prosecution of traffic violators.

Previously (July 2021) body cameras was employed, but the latest deployment will ensure that traffic offenders are captured from a distance.

The technology is a solution to LASTMA officials having altercations or struggling or trying to make arrests of motorists causing infractions on the road. Now, this camera captures traffic infractions from a distance. That means the LASTMA official will not be closer to you this time around before capturing you if you commit any traffic infractions.”

Notice in the form of video evidence will be sent to the traffic offender to justify infraction committed.
Traffic offenders can contest the video evidence. Under the video, you have three buttons there. One is to challenge it if you want to challenge it, probably you have the feelings that you have not committed such offense, you will be charged to a mobile court.

TMS has a learning modules with easy to assimilate animated representations of traffic laws and the effects their violations

TMS also has the Eyewitness function which allows road users the opportunity to also play a role in reducing traffic gridlocks by reporting observed traffic offenses, vehicle breakdowns, dysfunctional traffic lights, faded road markings etc, positioning everyone as a potential change maker in the traffic situation.

TMS also has a beautiful Mobile App, available for download from the Google Play Store and the App Store, which makes all these functions very easily available on mobile devices.

(2) PAYVIS (Plate Detection Platform)

PayVIS is a technology- driven plate detection platform that will capture plate number of traffic offenders and bill them. It was introduced in the January 2021.

VIO is in charge of its management

The cameras are located besides traffic lights to capture traffic offenders without the presence of traffic officials. The Camera will take photo shot of offenders plate number and run a scan on Lagos State Database to detect prior traffic offenses or expired vehicle papers so as to add it up to offenses committed.

NOTE, you can contest the bill

How to contest your bill under PayVIS Platform

  • Please search for your bill using either your Vehicle Plate Number or Bill Number
  • Click on the “Contest Bill” button
  • Upload your evidence of valid documents to seek redress. If your application is denied, ensure payment is made within Seven (7) days to avoid further sanctions

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